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fall 2007 table of contents

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Literacy’s Heroes and Heroines:
Reclaiming our forgotten past

by B. Allan Quigley
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Download PDF (428kb)

Women in the Cuban Literacy Campaign
by JC Elvy
View web page
Download PDF (1600kb - lots of photos)
Joanne C. Elvy’s “Notes from a Cuban Diary: Forty Women on Forty Years” is available at
A short film, “Women of the Cuban Literacy Campaign,” by Catherine Murphy (2005) is available online at
This short work-in-progress includes images from films made during the 1961 campaign, and interviews with some campesinas.

Doing Literacy
by Linda Wentzel
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Download PDF (96kb)

Reflections on Becoming White…Or, Avoiding the Button Factory
by Maria Moriarty
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Download PDF (116kb)
Peggy McIntosh’s White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack (1988)
is available at
An abstract of Pierre Walter’s article, “Literacy, Imagined Nations, and Imperialism: Frontier College and the Construction of British Canada, 1899-1933” is available at:

Literacy Work in Alberta Then and Now
by Deborah Morgan
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Download PDF (152kb)
Deb Morgan’s Opening Doors: Thoughts and Experiences of Community Literacy Workers in Alberta (1992) is available at

We need to feel valued and respected for the work that we do:
Workplace Educators speak out

by Margan Dawson
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Download PDF (388kb)
Learn more about the Association of Workplace Educators of Nova Scotia (AWENS)
The Nova Scotia Department of Education, Skills and Learning Branch
goals are listed in Skills Nova Scotia Action Plan 2005-2006,
available at

Some Realities of Working in Adult Literacy:
Snapshots from Focused on Practice

Download PDF
View web page

Focused on Practice Journal Extract:
Excavating in the Trenches
(web only)
by Sally Crawford
View web page

Focused on Practice, edited by Jenny Horsman and Helen Woodrow, is available at

Towards a Profile of the Adult Literacy Sector
View web page
Download PDF(92kb)

Questions About Adult Literacy Pay and Equity
View web page
Download PDF (96kb)
This excerpt is from The Level of Pay, Benefits, and Working Conditions of Literacy Employees of the Anglophone Community in Ontario, 2001.
Available at

What’s New: If you could wave a magic wand
by Pat Campbell
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Download PDF (156kb)
Juliet Merrifield’s Contested Ground: Performance Accountability (1998)
is available at
You can order a copy of Measures of Success at here.

Literacy in a Complex World
by Tracy Westell
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Download PDF (84kb)
Tim Blackman’s “Complexity Theory and the New Public Management” (2001)
is available at
David Byrne’s “Complexity Science and Transformations in Social Policy” (2001)
is available at
Peter Calamai’s “A Wake-Up Call for Canadian Literacy” (2005)
is available at

Critical Discourse Analysis:
An example of the good mother in literacy-advice texts

by Linda Phillips
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Download PDF (256kb)
Suzanne Smythe’s thesis, The Good Mother:
Critical Discourse Analysis of Literacy Advice to Mothers in the Twentieth Century
is available at
The graphics are covers of books available from Early Canadiana Online at

Relationships are Key:
How to attract and support effective volunteers

An Interview with Sheryl Harrow
View web page
Download PDF (168kb)
READ Saskatoon’s Building Capacity to Attract and Retain Literacy Volunteers
is available at
Catherine Hambly’s “Behaviours and Beliefs of Volunteer Literacy Tutors” (1998)
is available at
An abstract of Jennifer Sandlin and Ralf St. Clair’s, “Volunteers in Adult Literacy Education” (2005) is available at

Information about volunteerism in Canada
The following sites provide a wealth of information about the value of volunteers, the economic contributions of volunteers, motivations for volunteering and the benefits of volunteering in Canada:
How to estimate the Economic Contribution of Volunteer Work:
A statistical profile of volunteers and volunteering in Canada:
A report on the motivations for and barriers to volunteering:
An examination of the benefits of volunteering:

Volunteer Canada, a national organization representing and providing research and resource support to volunteer agencies:

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