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about us

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what we do

Literacies is where the education community shares ideas and experiences.

Literacies is a national forum that includes university-based researchers, program-based researchers, policy-makers and program workers.

To us, literacy practice includes a wide range of activities that help people learn, use and extend literacies. These activities include organized literacy programs as well as other activities that integrate literacy development and expand people’s opportunities and resources for reading and writing. We provide a medium for a range of inquiries including analysis, discussions, debates, reflections and creative work in all aspects of research and practice in education. Literacies encourages and supports writers from a diversity of experiences and backgrounds as they create an inclusive dialogue.

Our objective is to promote writing about research in practice in Canada and to cultivate and develop writership among literacy and adult education workers. By communicating and documenting individual scholarship and experiences, Literacies advances a collective understanding of literacy work in the field, promotes the exchange of ideas with policy-makers and theorists, and builds and strengthens the community.

who we are

editor: Tannis Atkinson
publisher: Tracey Mollins

subscription manager: Deb Holstein

managing editor: Nancy Jackson
host organization: Festival of Literacies, OISE/UT arrow

subscriber distribution: The Learning Centre arrow
newsstand distribution: Magazines Canada arrow

print journal design and layout: Dish Design
printing: ABC Press

website: Tracey Mollins
thanks to Some Random Dude for the bitcons and sanscons.

editorial committee:
Betsy Alkenbrack, Richard Darville, William Fagan, Michael Johnny, Phyllis Steeves, Anneke van Enk

founding friends of Literacies:
Sally Crawford, Guy Ewing, Susan Lefebvre, Joy Lehman, Fiona Murray, Bert Providence, Nadine Sookermany, Sheila Stewart

promotion consultant : Gerlinde Weger arrow
evaluation and change: Alicia Pace
small mags consultant : Faye Guenther

original website design, templates and style sheets: Duncan Hill

founding publishers:
Jenny Horsman arrow, Tracy Westell

founding steering committee:
Richard Darville, Tracy Defoe, Wendy DesBrisay, Nancy Jackson, William Fagan, Sandy Middleton, Maria Moriarty, Mary Norton, Ningwakwe (Rainbow Woman), Linda Phillips, Charles Ramsey, Linda Shohet, Anneke van Enk

partner organizations:

arrow Movement for Canadian Literacy
arrow Literacy Alberta
arrow Centre AlphaPlus Centre
arrow the Festival of Literacies, OISE, University of Toronto
arrow Grass Roots Press
arrow National Adult Literacy Database
arrow Literacy British Columbia

Friends of Literacies - not a complete list:
These organizations and the amazing individuals who work for them have supported Literacies.

arrow CUPE National Literacy Project
arrow Canadian Labour Congress Literacy Working Group
arrow The Centre for Education and Work
arrow The Centre for Literacy of Quebec
arrow Community Literacy of Ontario
arrow Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick Ltd.
arrow Literacy Nova Scotia
arrow Literacy Northwest
arrow Literacy Partners of Manitoba
arrow The Metro Toronto Movement for Literacy
arrow Nunavut Literacy Council
arrow N.W.T. Literacy Council
arrow The Ontario Literacy Coalition
arrow P.E.I. Literacy Alliance
arrow Saskatchewan Literacy Network
arrow Yukon Learn
arrow RaPAL (Research and Practice in Adult Literacy)
arrow VALBEC (Victorian Adult Literacy and Basic Education Council)

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