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What people are saying about Literacies


What a treat it was to have this arrive today! I like everything about it—the paper, the cover, colours, title, subject matter and of course, price!

Judy Bernstein
Algonquin College Career and College Prep, Ontario

I'm just reading the journal now. Knowing this project is underway is great news! I have been working in the adult literacy field just over a year now, and find it very hard to make connections with other practitioners. Please include me on your mailing list. I'll submit ideas at the forum site.

Francine St.Amand
Literacy Practitioner, New Brunswick

I just received my copy of Issue #1 of Literacies: Researching practice, practising research.  I am especially interested in this issue due to the article on Aboriginal Peoples:Literacy and Learning.  I supervise programs at a couple of sites where the instructors would especially be interested in reading this article; I'm wondering if I could request 5 more copies be sent to me.

Eliise Jeffers
Bow Valley College Program Coordinator, Alberta

There are so many interesting issues that overlap with ESL, that like eating a favourite food, I simple have to have seconds, thirds, fourths, etc.

Margriet Van Camp
ESL/Literacy Practitioner, British Columbia

I am really delighted with Literacies! It is informative and exciting on a professional level, best of all—on a personal level, it helped me remember why I work in the literacy field.  To me reading Literacies was a celebration of identity!  I really felt part of a unique and insightful community.   Bravo!  Keep up the great work.

Suzanne Hale
Literacy Practitioner, Ontario–and contributor to Literacies Issue #2


Here are some quotes from our writers and founders about the goals for the journal, how research connects to practice, and the importance of making that connection:

We want the journal to act as a catalyst for research and thinking in the field and in academia.

Tracy Westell, Parkdale Project Read, Toronto
Literacies founder

We expect the journal will increase communication across Canada. It can be a place where people working in various regions and different types of programs talk about the similarities and differences they face.

Jenny Horsman, Researcher, Toronto
Literacies founder

Developing the literacy skills of the most literacy-disadvantaged Canadians is inseparably tied to strengthening the knowledge and professionalism of those who work to achieve that. Strengthening the field's knowledge and professionalism is, of course, what Literacies is about. 

Richard Darville
Carlton University, School of Language and Applied Linguistics
Literacies Steering Committee

The journal is a dynamic forum for the discussion of issues affecting adult literacy programs and research.  Literacies is unique in allowing researchers and practitioners to dialogue and learn from each other.

Wendy DesBrisay
Movement for Canadian Literacy, Executive Director

Building on the groundbreaking work over a considerable period by leading figures in policy, practice and research, the articles send the clearest possible message that the conversation is now well underway and I am more than happy to join in from this side of the Atlantic.

Margaret Harrington,
University of Nottingham, UK
Literacies Issue #2

A national literacy journal, bringing together literacy workers and researchers, is now a reality. It is a time of dialogue and mutual discovery…

Guy Ewing,
Metro Toronto Movement for Literacy
Literacies Issue #1

Our field is in a unique position to model lifelong learning and inquiry.…New developments like this journal are certainly a welcome forum to explore these important issues.

Fiona Murray
Movement for Canadian Literacy
Literacies Issue #2

We need to express our hard-earned understandings so that we can dialogue with policy-makers and theorists, build community and thrive….We can better support our learners and ourselves if we use our own literacy abilities to shape this work that we love.

Sheila Stewart,
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Literacies Issue #1

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