literacies: researching practice, practising research

[Adult education is a] system that has been described as

an “archipelago without bridges.”

But building bridges is not enough.

The whole notion of adult education as a group of islands is limiting.

Why should adult education be an archipelago

when it can be the mainland?

Guy Ewing, Literacies #4, fall 2004


join literacies and See how literacy workers

cross fences...


hop from island to island with the greatest of ease...

islandhop1 islandhop2 islandhop3 islandhop4  

greet each challenge

with a spirit of


eileen antone, sheila stewart, tracey mollins,

cheryl reid and nancy jackson in newfoundland



...and work together to build the mainland.
photos by suzanne ahearne, nancy jackson and tracey mollins
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